Betting During Uncertainty

It looks like football worldwide is gearing up to come back to our screens - across Europe permission has been given for teams to return training as they prepare for games to start again, there have been hiccups here and there as some players are still testing positive and need to return to a state of quarantine. With this, we could see the Bundesliga, La Liga, and Serie A return sooner than previously thought. The Premier League may not be too far behind too - the UK has set out its guidelines for recovery, and it looks as if professional sport may see a return in June as event organisers and teams hurry to get preparations ready.

Betting During Uncertainty

There is still the possibility that we may see a number of disruptions however, as there are still fears that a second wave of infection could be on the horizon - if there are any signs that numbers may begin creeping up once again, it’s expected that a heavier lockdown may be placed in these countries once again setting back any efforts to get started - but could also be the nail in the coffin for the seasons that have been hard fought to keep going.

There may also be other concerns for some betting fans during this time of uncertainty however - how to correctly predict how teams may perform after this longer layoff. It won’t be long until a full list of fixtures are put out there and betting sites begin to accept incoming bets, but as many of these teams have been away from training for two or three months, and may not have enough time to get back to proper form again, there’s always the chance that we see some bigger upsets than usual as well as the risk for increased injury or players being out all together.

The betting industry may also be a little too generous with some of the odds that it offers as it stumbles to recover from the global crisis - some have had the opportunity to fall back on their online casino counterparts as there has been a huge surge in traffic to casinos not on gamstop whilst sporting events have been cancelled, but the others who have been on hold for the entire time may be a little eager to get the cash flowing again and offer something that may seem too good to be true at a time of uncertainty.

With whatever may happen, it’s important to emphasise that restraint may be needed at first - although it may be exciting to start getting the bets in once again after such a long layoff, it’s important to note that all dates are still extremely tentative and a lot can change very quickly - there’s still a number of weeks to go before things get underway again, not to mention that these games will also be played without any fans in attendance at the stadiums which may have a bigger impact than previously thought - stay cautious during the uncertainty, and you may come off better than you went in.