Blackjack – The Perfect Solitary Sport

Blackjack is one of the most unique card games around. When you compare it to other popular card games, it stands out, or more appropriately, it stands alone. Presumed to have originated in France in the 1700s, it is the perfect individual test, which is perhaps why many consider it to be most popular card game of all time. Why? Well, slow and steady wins the race, and so does simplicity.

How Does Blackjack Work?

To win, a player needs a card total that is higher than the dealers, but not over twenty-one. And when it comes to the rules, well, that is more or less it. But behind this veil of simplicity, is one of the most intellectually challenging card games in existence. In blackjack, when you are playing, you make decisions about how much to bet, how many hands to play and how you play the hand, and all without any real outside influence.

Why is Blackjack Unique?

But unlike roulette or crabs, blackjack is not subject to the law of independent trials. This particular law states that all outcomes are fully independent of one another. This essentially means that whatever has happened before will have no bearing on what happens next. Say for example, you spin the wheel in roulette and the ball lands on black 11. This event has zero affect on what number the ball will land on next.

However, when it comes to blackjack, what happens in the past directly affects the future. In the game of blackjack, if you hit on a particular card, the deck instantly has one less of that card. But you do not need to be an expert in advanced mathematics to approach blackjack in a calculated fashion, you can simply rely on a basic version of the law of averages. Each round in the game of blackjack is completely new and independent of the others, and it is vital to remember this at all times. It is human nature to predict the future based on past events, and when it comes to blackjack, this is the correct approach within each round, before the universe resets itself.

You Vs. You

Blackjack is so intrinsically different to most casino games, and perhaps this goes a long to explaining why it is so popular. It allows you to enter an alternative world and put your skills to the test. Luckily for you, entering this beautiful world has never been easier due to the fact that it is a mainstay in casinos around the world and you can now even play blackjack online. It is a game played exclusively in one's mind. And yes, this is true for many card games, but when it comes to blackjack, you are your own biggest competitor. While gameplay is between a player and the dealer only, you are only going to succeed if you become master of your own domain.

You will need to demonstrate an incredible level of patience and self-discipline when playing blackjack, making it one of the most mentally challenging casino games around. You will need to strike the perfect balance between rational thinking and intuition. For the vast majority of the time, you should remain incredibly calculated when making every decision on whether to hit or stick, and this is where the real fun starts.

The Importance of Self-Control

Once you have mastered the art of patience, you open up the opportunities to go with your gut. When it boils down to it, you can never truly predict what will happen in the future and the alternative universe that is blackjack is no exception. Here lies the most beautiful aspect of blackjack – you go up against yourself in trying to use logical thinking in order to use your intuition!