Gaming insights – why branded keyword search terms are on the rise


Bookmakers – like Paddy Power – have had to close the doors of their high street shops due to the global Coronavirus pandemic. However, as a result they are experiencing a growth in branded search terms on search engines like Google.

With almost all sports being drastically ground to a halt by the worldwide outbreak of the virus, punters have turned their attention from sports betting to the world of virtual sport and online casinos.

The Virtual Grand National – which replaced the real-life historic race – gained a lot of interest and all proceeds went to the NHS Charities. On the day of the event (April 4th), Paddy Power reached an interest growth of 90% with their search interest peaking at 5pm – 15 minutes before the race took place – the highest search interest since the four-day Cheltenham Festival in March.

Growth in interest in gambling has being growing year-on-year by 8% and Google receives 90 million queries per month, whilst YouTube has also witnessed a massive growth in gambling searches with 5 million queries per month – which is a 30% year-on-year growth. The query ‘Paddy Power Casino’ has risen in the United Kingdom from 13% in terms of interest on March 23rd to 78% when they were last recorded on Easter Saturday (April 11th) – whilst also hitting peak interest of 100% on April 9th.

In what was almost a three-week period, ‘Paddy Power Casino’ averaged just over half of the search interest – an increase from an average search interest of 32.8% throughout the course of February this year. Even Slots – which are an ever-popular form of online gambling – have seen an increase in interest in recent periods. In the seven-day period between April 5th and April 11th, ‘Paddy Power Slots’ averaged a search interest of 41%, whilst in the week prior, they averaged a search interest of 13.9%.

Lotteries are also gaining more traction, with queries featuring “today”, “tonight”, “tomorrow” and the day like “Lottery result sat” growing rapidly. Between February 2018 and January 2019, Lottery queries were prevalent on Google and YouTube with peak search interest. Furthermore, punters want the information straight away. “lotto results tonight” are growing 69% year-on-year, whilst “Euromillions results Tuesday” are rapidly growing 147% year-on-year.

The Irish lotto has been on the rise in search interest since January 2012, and related queries like “Irish lotto results tonight 3 draws please”, “Irish lottery online”. “Irish lotto bet” and “Irish lotto online” all massively rising over the last month – for example “Irish lottery online” has seen a +400% increase in the last 30 days. The related search enquires also reach their highest in coalition with the days of the draws – Wednesdays and Saturdays – with the query “Irish lotto” gaining a 54% increase in interest on Wednesday 8th April, before a higher search interest of 68% on Saturday 11th April.

The query “Irish lotto Paddy Power” also sees similar search interest that collate with the days and results, with last week’s searches the highest since March 21st.
In conclusion, it’s clear that branded keyword search terms are on the rise due to people looking to pass the time by playing casino games – especially Slots – whilst in lockdown due to the Coronavirus!