How Popular is Online Betting in South Africa?

Countries like the United Kingdom, the US, and India are some of the places where gambling is starting to gain a significant following. The UK is known to have one of the biggest online gambling markets worldwide. In the US, many states have moved and are already moving towards regulating online gambling, particularly sports betting. Meanwhile, India is eyed by many European gambling operators as the next big market for gambling.

When one talks about online gambling, likely, South Africa may not come across the minds of many. However, many South Africans are starting to gain interest in this activity. This is mainly because casino gaming and sports betting are now easy to access online. This benefits the online betting industry because it’s not at all prohibited in the country.

With all that happening, the local gambling industry in South Africa is also flourishing. This is especially what happened when the pandemic started. Before COVID 19, the casino segment accounts for the majority of South Africa’s Gross Gaming Revenues (GGR). However, this is already changing because other gambling activities are gaining more popularity. Specifically, the best betting sites in South Africa are gaining more traction. Online operators offering services in the country have reported a sharp increase in web traffic during lockdown periods.

Africa Betting Industry in Numbers

Two of the largest gambling market in the whole of Africa are South Africa and Nigeria. Last year, South Africa’s GGR was able to reach a value of $2.2 billion and by the end of this year, it is projected to reach over $2.5 billion. Overall, around $220 million will be translated into taxes.

The Nigerian Special Duties and Intergovernmental Affairs Minister, George Akune reported in 2019 that Kenya has the third-largest gambling market in the whole of Africa. In the same year, Nigeria’s GGR reached a value of over $600 million.

Overall, Africa’s gambling industry is set to get bigger especially in South Africa. The growth of the industry is attributed to multiple factors including the online gambling revolution and the country’s growing young population who are online and are using mobile devices.

Statista reports that there are more than 23 million South Africans with a smartphone and this could be why mobile betting is the more preferred option when placing bets online. Generally, mobile users are used to being able to do transactions with their devices. Mobile betting allows them to place bets on the go which promotes convenience.

South Africa is also known to love sports like football, hockey, basketball, rugby, and cricket. Many of the people here would place bets online every time major sports events are on particularly European football leagues like the English Premier League.

Another probable reason why more people in South Africa are betting online is unemployment. While this is generally not healthy, there are surveys that found how people that lack a stable source of income would turn to online sports betting or other online gambling activities to earn money.

What Makes Online Betting Appealing?

Besides convenience and effortless betting experience, almost all gambling operators are generous when it comes to promos and bonuses. With just one bookie, there are already multiple types of bonuses that can be redeemed. However, these bonuses usually come with eligibilities like making a minimum deposit, placing bets on certain events, or playing specific casino game titles.

Some casino and bookie sites would even give bonuses as high as 100 percent. There are even some that would go beyond that but it’s important for players to understand how bonuses work. Reading the fine print should never be skipped as it may contain important details on wagering requirements and bonus withdrawals.

Betting apps have also taken the mobile gambling experience to a higher level. These apps allow punters to easily access betting odds and other significant features that could help them with their betting journey. There are plenty of betting apps that are available for South Africans to download and the competition between gambling companies is tough.

To get more downloads, betting apps are continuously developed to have more features like live streaming and even live casino gaming. Betting apps could also have other content like the latest sports updates and real-time game ladders. Some app even functions like social apps where punters get to discuss their bets. While it may seem like the more feature an app has the better it is, contemplate whether these features are necessary and worthy of taking up more space from your phone’s memory.