How to Play Both Teams Score

This is one of the most famous betting markets found on almost all betting platforms and almost all football matches. We will present you with a small analysis of the different ways of finding bets Both teams score.

Teams of the Same Level

Finding teams of the same level is the first way to find matches suitable for betting Both teams score. One can quickly think that teams of the same level should be score more goals. Have it in mind, we can have matches between the top four or five of a championship or the many derbies that we have in Europe.

For me, it's a start, but it's far from enough. Sometimes the former has a much higher level than its competitors.

Sometimes top- of-the-table matches are pretty closed, as both teams can be content with a draw.

They may also be facing teams with identical levels, but both with very defensive plays. High stake matches for both teams score as indicated by daily football predictions.

Both teams to score
Photo by Lars Bo Nielsen

A Favorite Away from Home

This is a configuration that I already like more. We take away the huge advantage of playing at home by putting the favorite outside.

The underdog, who plays at home, will want to perform well in front of his home crowd (yes, at one time there was a crowd in the stadiums).

Playing at home is still an advantage, even in these times behind closed doors. Of course, there are no more cheering crowds in the stands, but all the same, when matches are played at home, people are in front of the stadium, in front of their TV, the pressure is there.

In this kind of configuration, I try to find these characteristics:
The team at home: scores in 80% of their matches at home,Away team: scores in 80 % of their away games.We arrive there at an excellent configuration to find predictions that the two teams score: yes. It remains to verify that the workforce is complete and that the rating is sufficient.Liverpool can go 1-1 against Fulham.Lille and both teams score against the Lyon

A Favorite At Home

Reverse configuration. Here, the favorite is playing at home and has every chance of winning.

I keep the same type of bet, but my answer is reversed. Here, to the question, Do both teams score? I answer: no!

We know these Barcelona home games that are almost won before the game even starts. Often the rating is very low for the victory of the favorite, and both teams score, yes is never safe from a good old 0-0.

It is a perfect configuration because in a total victory, type 4-0, we are a winner. But we are also a winner with a 0-0 draw and even with a surprise victory for the away team, type 0-1.

The odds are often excellent! Be careful, though, that the away team is not too used to scoring against the favorites or scoring a lot in its away matches. Both teams might fail to score for Liverpool at home.