How to use betting technology to your advantage

Betting is not at all an easy thing to do. It requires skill, research and a decent amount of luck, so to maximise your chances of winning, you should be getting the most out of all the tools in your arsenal. In this article, we will take a look at some of the betting technology that you can use to your advantage.

betting technology

Odds comparison

One of the easiest and most useful betting technologies at your disposal are odds comparison websites. With these, simply enter the bet that you want to place, and they will come back with the odds that most bookies are offering, and highlighting the most favourable ones to you. This allows you to place your bets with the highest odds available on the market.

To be able to do this, you do need several betting accounts however. You can take advantage of all the welcome offers that companies offer as you do this, so you should be doing this already. It is basically a free odds boost like the one that Ladbrokes offers on a daily basis, except on all your bets.

Bet builders

Nowadays, almost all bookmakers offer a version of a bet builder. In the right hands, bet builders can be massively profitable. How they work is that you can place an accumulator bet on just one match, by combining the different things you think will happen.

For example, you can bet that there will be a certain number of corners in a football match, that one player will score ad that another player will be booked. Because they all need to happen for you to win, the odds of each option of your bet builder are multiplied with each other, so you can have very long shots.

Research is definitely your best friend with bet builders. What you should be doing is analysing the statistics behind each game and then looking for the bets that the bookies have mispriced, where there is a discrepancy between the odds and the likelihood that your bet will happen. It is not easy but can be very rewarding.

Request a Bet

Similar to bet builders, Request a Bet or a variant of it is offered by a number of bookies such as Skybet, Paddy Power and even some of the new sites at FindBettingSites. With this technology, you can request any bet that you want, and the bookies will price it for you.

For example, last season one gambler requested the bet “Jesse Lingard will not score or assist in the 2019-20 season”. They offered him odds of 41 and he placed his bet. Lingard did not score or assist until the 97th minute of the last game of the season, but Paddy Power still paid it out and the man donated it to charity.

Request a Bet can be fantastic for creative bettors because it is a distinct possibility that the bookies will not price it correctly, as original bets are difficult to price. Use this to your advantage and boost your bankroll.