Kingdoms Rise: All You Need to Know Before You Play

Are you ready to dip your toes into the world of Kingdoms Rise?

Dubbed ‘the next Age of the Gods’, this new series of jackpot slot games is causing quite the storm amongst onlinecasino fans. Already, thousands of players are hopping from kingdom to kingdom on a quest for huge wins. As well as its own Features Shop, the series boasts three progressive jackpots – one of which is guaranteed to be won every singleday!

Read on to discover everything you need to know about Kingdoms Rise before you play.

About the series

Launched in October 2019, Kingdoms Rise is the latest series to come from Playtech, one of the UK’s leading casinogamesoftware companies. 

The series is an adventure in the fantasy genre, with each slot game transporting players to a different kingdomwithina fictional realm.

You’ll find five slots currently available in the series:

·         Sands of
·         Guardians of the Abyss
·         Forbidden Forest
·         Reign of Ice
·         Captain’s Treasure

Plus, two new Kingdoms Rise slots are expected for release later in 2020.

About the kingdoms

From Westeros to Middle Earth, it seems we’re obsessed with mapping out our favourite fantasy worlds. There’ssomethingabout a map that really brings an imagined world to life. The Kingdoms Rise Game Map is no exception.

Accessible from within any Kingdoms Rise slot, the Game Map lets you easily hop from kingdom to kingdom to playdifferent slots in the series. Click on the flags to travel from the Sands of Fury to the Hidden Abyss to theForbiddenForest.

With so many kingdoms to explore – and more coming soon – Kingdoms Rise is not a series you’re going to get bored ofeasily.

About the characters

The Game Map is not the only thing that brings the world of Kingdoms Rise to life. Each slot introduces you to newfantasy characters. Expect a colourful mix of kings and queens, knights and warriors, beasts and renegades.

One minute you’ll be taking on the Leviathans, an underwater civilisation sworn to protect ancient riches inGuardiansof the Abyss. The next you’ll be soaring through the clouds with Red Jack, the owner of a flying ship in Captain’sTreasure.

The abundance of characters, all with their own backstories and roles to play, make Kingdoms Rise feel more like aseries of video games than slot machines. Hence, Kingdoms Rise is not only a series which should appeal to gamblers;itshould also appeal to gamers.

About the bonus features

Bonus features are a big part of the Kingdoms Rise series. From the Wild Vortexes in Guardians of the Abyss to theQueen’s Ritual Bonus in Sands of Fury, you’ll find plenty to unlock as you play.

What’s more, unlike most slots, Kingdoms Rise boasts its own Features Shop. This is where you can use the GameTokensyou earn as you play to retrigger your favourite bonus features.

With each spin giving you the opportunity to earn up to 15 Game Tokens, the bonuses available in the Features Shopfeelhighly achievable. This makes playing to unlock them all the more exciting.

About the jackpots

If you are hoping to win big, Kingdoms Rise should be right up your street.

Any spin of any slot in series gives you the chance to win 1 of 3 progressive jackpots:

·         The Epic Jackpot, which has no limit on how big it can get.
·         The Power Strike Jackpot, which must be won before it reaches £2,000.
·         The Daily Strike Jackpot, which must be won by a certain time every single day.

Like we said, any spin – no matter what your bet level – could trigger a jackpot win on any Kingdoms Rise slot.However,it’s worth noting that the higher your bet, the higher your chances of winning big.

Where to play

If you’re ready to start exploring the Game Map, earning Game Tokens and playing for jackpots in Kingdoms Rise, signupto an online casino today. You’ll find plenty offering Kingdoms Rise games. 

However, when deciding where to play, it’s important to choose a casino which is fully-licensed and regulated, witharange of secure transaction methods; is a popular choice with UK players.