Most Popular Arsenal Players in the Emirates Era

Arsenal has been one of the most famous English clubs since the day it was founded. For many years, the Gunners played at Highbury until a brand-new Emirates stadium was built in 2006. The new monumental sports centre marked a new era for Arsenal, but remarkable players were also a vital component of the team’s success from that moment on.

Being a big name in the big league also made things more interesting for Premier League betting fans. Having more successful clubs and talented players to choose from offers more opportunities for punters. In this text, we’ll tell you which Arsenal players earned the title of the most famous names of the Emirates era.

Most Popular Arsenal Players in the Emirates Era

Cesc Fabregas

Cesc Fabregas is the perfect player to begin this list since he proudly stood on the fresh-cut grass on the Emirates Stadium’s opening day. He played for the Gunners until 2011 and appeared in more than 300 matches.

The Spaniard showed his abundant talent from an early age, and Arsene Wenger hoped he would become the primary weapon against other leading football clubs. Fabregas was a fast thinker able to score and assist in the crucial moments of a match. His playmaking skills were highly appreciated in Arsenal, which is why he’ll be remembered as one of the team’s most popular players ever.

Robin van Persie

Another player who was there from the very beginning of the Emirates era is Robin van Persie. Even though his loyal fans may remember him for winning a league title with the Red Devils, his 270+ appearances for Arsenal won’t be easily forgotten.

When the Gunners opened the new stadium, Robin van Persie had only started developing from a young football prodigy into a skilful player. Until 2012, he managed to make a name for himself and become the league’s best striker who could do the impossible on the field. His last season at the Emirates Stadium was perhaps the most notable, as he scored a total of 30 Premier League goals.

Alexis Sánchez

Alexis Sanches spent only four years in Arsenal, and according to many experts, played his best football during that period. From 2014 to 2018, Sanches put on the Arsenal jersey more than 160 times and performed exceptionally well as a forward.

Perhaps Sanchez would become even more famous if he stayed in Arsenal for a bit longer, but at this point, that is no more than speculation. Nevertheless, Arsenal fans will never forget his goals in both FA Cup finals he took part in.

Mesut Ozil

Until recently, Mesut Ozil has given his best to Arsenal FC. Although the fans didn’t always appreciate him, he was one of the Gunners’ most valuable players ever. After moving to England from Madrid, he created hundreds of chances for Arsenal to score in over 220 appearances.

Ozil was often labelled as a player who doesn’t give 100% on the field, but if the tactics revolved around him, Arsenal would most likely achieve even better results.

Aaron Ramsey

Whether you followed Arsenal from the opening of the Emirates Stadium or joined the hype a bit later, you’ve probably heard of Aaron Ramsey. The guy was there from 2008 until 2019 and wore the Arsenal jersey close to 370 times.

Despite a terrible injury he suffered during his first season, Ramsey recovered and became one of the most popular Arsenal players. He scored in two of Arsenal's FA Cup wins, with the most memorable goal being the one he scored in extra time, bringing the trophy back to the Gunners after almost a decade.

Olivier Giroud

In 2012, Olivier Giroud joined the Gunners and displayed a set of skills every manager could wish for. He was an amazing starter and equally great coming off the bench. He spent six years playing for Arsenal and scored 105 goals, including a few in major games like the FA Cup finals.

Mikel Arteta

Mikel Arteta wasn’t the fastest player or a goal-scoring machine, but he brought Arsenal long-needed stability. He was a pillar who controlled matches from the centre of the pitch and organised the game in the best way possible.

When he ended his career as a player, Arteta went back to Arsenal as a football manager and continues to run the team to this day.