Sports betting apps to be available in Google Play US

Things are about to change for bettors in the United States of America in relation to online betting. Google have decided to make a change to one of their policies for their Google Play Store that will now allow for the ability to download gambling and betting-based apps that use real money as operators will be in the Google Play store moving forward.

The new update will allow for players in the US and an additional 14 other countries to join the likes of Android users in Brazil, France, Ireland and the United Kingdom in being able to download these types of apps. The countries set to join the US include the likes of Australia, Belgium, Canada, Colombia, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Romania, Spain and Sweden.

Gambling enthusiasts will not have too long to wait before they are able to download these applications, either, with the new rules set to come into effect at the beginning of March. There will be laws that will have to be followed by bettors in each state as each one governs the regulations a little different to everyone else, however it will be a welcome addition to those that like to use their smartphone devices for their online gambling experiences.

Players should not expect to be able to download the relevant application from the casino or sportsbook they may use straight away, as each one will be subject to stringent checks when they upload the gambling apps to Google’s Play Store.

However, with many of them having already been released in certain countries around the world and with many having anticipated the potential opportunity that has subsequently arisen, it should not be too difficult to see them appearing rather soon. In fact, it would not be a surprise if many of them appeared on the very first day that they are allowed to appear on the Google Play Store.

The move could be considered a big win for sportsbook operators, as many of them will now be able to access a larger market and be more accessible to those that are keen to use their services.

Of course, prior to the change in policy from Google, players who wanted to download a gambling app on their Android device would have to go a rather different way about things. For instance, many would have had to download certain .APK files from the operator’s website to install it; think of it as installing an app outside of the store.

Google have looked to try and discourage this practice, and their latest move will likely see this process become obsolete in the near future as they have provided bettors with the platform that they have been longing for ever since the legislation came into force to allow online betting to take place in certain states.