What Are Teasers In Sports? What You Should Know

One of the things about sports betting that people love the most is the fact that you can win real money while having fun. For some people though, winning is not the main thing that they are after but simply the thrill and the excitement of wagering. For some, that feeling and getting entertained by it is enough already. However, for some people, betting on sports is a serious thing.

This is why there are lots of people who go through rigorous research, study the many ways of betting, and formulate what they believe to be a sound and effective betting strategy that would give them the most profit per bet. Some watch sports lines as closely as they can and even learn to read “between the lines,” or to understand the odds in a way beyond what bookmakers would like you to.

One of the common strategies that a lot of people is what is called teaser bets, most commonly used in football and basketball betting. Although teaser bets are no longer a new thing in sports betting, it has a mixed perception by people--some recommend it, some do not. But what is it exactly? Here are some of the most important things you need to know about teaser bets.

What are teaser bets?

In sports, a teaser bet refers to the type of bet that combines two separate wagers in one, with each bet being for two games or even two different kinds of sports. At first glance, teasers seem to be easier to win, which is why it can be an immediate favorite, especially for newbies.

How does a teaser bet works?

A teaser bet works similarly to a parley bet, in the way that both would have the bettor select two or more events that would occur in the game or this case, games. However, not only it is not an “easier” way to bet, but it also usually yields less profit than a normal parlay bet.

To better understand how a teaser bet works, an example that demonstrates it is necessary.

Consider the original betting options between Teams A, B, C, and D to be:

  • Team A +3 (-110) at Team B
  • Team C +3 (even) at Team D
Having a two-team teaser bet on the underdog would result in the following change in the points spread:
  • Team A +9 at Team B
  • Team C +9 at Team D
On the other hand, a two-team teaser bet on the favorites would make the spread point look like this:
  • Team A at Team B +3
  • Team C at Team D +3

A parlay bet with the original spread point worth $10 would result in a payout of more or less $27. On the other hand, teaser bets would only yield a profit or more or less $8. Once a bet is placed, the odds for it are locked no matter what. If you are more into making the most profit out of a bet, then a teaser might not be fit for your betting style.

Teaser bets are not as uncommon as you might think, you can easily place a bet like this in most of the available online sportsbooks right now and with the way most apps and sites are designed, you can easily wager in this way even without fully understanding it, unlike placing through a bookie in person.

Final thoughts

Are teaser bets a good bet? It may not be a bet that would work for everyone, but it still yields profits and is winnable. Still, it is perfect for people who wish to make a stress-free bet and still get a profit from it.