Leicester City, Frankie Detorri and more sporting upsets

Incredible sporting achievements come around every so often where you just wish you had put some money on as it would have been life changing. One of the most recent ones that comes to mind is Leicester City’s 2015/16 Premier league victory. In the process they landed odds of 5,000/1 as they ran away with the title.
This was quite a staggering achievement considering the league continues to be dominated by the ‘top 4’ in recent times. Several Leicester fans put their money down on their team to stun the footballing world and were duly rewarded. For example a local fan Leigh Herbert backed them to win with £5 therefore winning over £25,000.
Leicester had finished the previous season strongly as they looked in danger of relegation before the late success. Under new manager Claudio Ranieri and money being injected into the club; 5,000/1 probably was overpriced on achieving what they did and they started as one of the favourites to be relegated.
These stunning achievements occur every so often in most sports and you question to yourself why you didn’t risk a few quid. The following season Leicester didn’t fair anywhere near as well as they slumped to mid placed 12th. This further backs up just how incredible that season was and will forever been remembered for many fans in Leicester and around the world as the underdog story.
Many punters are now betting online on long shots and laying very short odds at Betfair in hope they can create some magical moments of their own by winning life-changing sums of money.
The infographic below looks at this and many other of those memorable outsider sporting achievements that would of returned a pretty penny if you had put your money down. This includes Dettori’s magic 7 at Ascot back in 1966 and Japan’s incredible victory over South Africa in the opening game of the 2015 World cup. They went on to win the game 34-32 in which they went into the match as the 1000/1 outsiders as they shocked the tournament favourites.