Hidden images in Football Logos Quiz!

If you’re a fan of sport betting, there’s a pretty good chance you’re a football fan (and vice-versa, of course). That being said, you’re also pretty likely to have a favourite team and you’ll be deeply familiar with your team’s logo. But what if I told you that the logo you know so well has a hidden meaning? A secret message that only the most observant among you will be able to spot? Well, that is the case! Possibly. Statistically, it’s only going to be a few of you because there aren’t actually that many football logos with hidden meanings but there are a few and we’ve put together a quiz for you to try and spot the images snuck into the shields and crests of famous teams. You should be fore-warned, some of these might seem a little obvious but there is at least one which is a little tricky and might throw you! Good luck.