Best teams for BTTS

The following table contains the best teams which are involved in the most matches where both teams score (GOALS Galore). Stats are calculated based on matches from the last 3 months.

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Best teams for BTTS
1.Piteå IFSweden10/10
2.TSV Bordesholm Germany10/10
3.WAF BrigittenauAustria10/10
4.Tanjong Pagar UnitedSingapore10/10
5.Club AmericaMexico10/10
6.Stenungsunds IFSweden10/10
7.Eintracht Frankfurt Germany10/10
8.Lion City Sailors FCSingapore10/10
9.Birmingham Legion FCUSA10/10
10.Guiseley England10/10
11.Nara ClubJapan9/10
12.Wisla PulawyPoland9/10
13.Houston DynamoUSA9/10
14.Pogon SzczecinPoland9/10
15.Oxford Utd England9/10
16.Hougang United FCSingapore9/10
18.FC ThunSwitzerland9/10
19.Darlington England9/10
20.UTA Arad Romania9/10
21.Quick Boys Netherlands9/10
22.RSV Eintracht Germany9/10
23.Odra WodzislawPoland9/10
24.ASK KlagenfurtAustria9/10
25.Blumenthaler SV Germany9/10
26.St MochtasIreland9/10
27.CD Walter FerrettiNicaragua9/10
28.KnockbredaNorthern Ireland9/10
29.Hitchin England9/10